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Oldwood PW!

Oldwood PW
You can get 105/105/105 in a couple of days. New cheap prices on packs. Buy cubi with ingame gold. Farm R8R2 through Quicksand Maze. People who want R9, can achieve it, people who want warsoul weapons, can get those easier now. Also, there is g17 weapons. It has added new gear combos.

Oldwood PW Information:
Oldwood Perfect World - PVE 1.5.3Exp: x300Spirit: x300Money: x2Quest Exp: x50Quest Spirit: x50Quest money: x10Celestial Sage and Celestial Demon on your choice. A lot of daily tasks for the reputation, collection of the initial set of cards and regular coins. The maximum level of cards is S. Stones with +2 A.LV/D.LV are maximal. Reduced Nation Wars map. x3 rates on Feral Soul Star. Beginner Card allows you to perform additional daily quests. Charms capacity increased by 2 times. Free Cubi by voting.Final gearIt is possible to get:Reborn Rank 8 GearAscended Rank 9 GearWarsoul GearWeapons of the Sixteen Lords of ElysiumWorking locations - World - Celestial Vale - LightSail Cave - Secret Passage - Hall of Deception - Gate of Delirium - Secret Frostcover Grounds - Valley of Disaster - Forest Ruins - Cave of Sadistic Glee - Wraithgate - Hallucinatory Trench - Eden - Brimstone Pit - Nightscream Island - Lothranis - Momaganon - Seat of Torment - Abaddon - Warsong City - Palace of Nirvana - Lunar Glade - Valley of Reciprocity - Frostcover City - Twilight Temple - Cube of Fate - Chrono City - Guild Base - Morai - Phoenix Valley - Endless Universe - Blighted Chamer morai weekly - Nation War startegic map, Nation War Capture the flag, Nation War TOWER, Nation War CRYSTAL - New veno leveling instance - Hidden Dragon Den - The new starter world - Primal World - Flowsilver Palace - Undercurrent Hall - Primal World - Story mode - Dragon counqest battlefield map bg - Heavenfall temple instance - Territory War PvE and PvP all levels - Quicksand Maze - Etherblade Arena

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