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Oldwood PW Halloween gifts!

Oldwood PW Halloween gifts
Do you want to see a quality project and stay on it for a long time-Then welcome - Our rates - [exp x300] [sp x300] [money x2][pvp mode][Sage and Demon on your choice] [A lot of daily quests] [Main currency is coins] [Working dungeons for farming] [No cheating votes] [Improved graphics] [etc]

Oldwood PW Halloween gifts Information:
Oldwood Perfect World - PVE 1.5.3Exp: x300Spirit: x300Money: x2Quest Exp: x50Quest Spirit: x50Quest money: x10Celestial Sage and Celestial Demon on your choice. A lot of daily tasks for the reputation, collection of the initial set of cards and regular coins. The maximum level of cards is S. Stones with +2 A.LV/D.LV are maximal. Reduced Nation Wars map. x3 rates on Feral Soul Star. Beginner Card allows you to perform additional daily quests. Charms capacity increased by 2 times. Free Cubi by voting.Final gearIt is possible to get:Reborn Rank 8 GearAscended Rank 9 GearWarsoul GearWeapons of the Sixteen Lords of ElysiumWorking locations - World - Celestial Vale - LightSail Cave - Secret Passage - Hall of Deception - Gate of Delirium - Secret Frostcover Grounds - Valley of Disaster - Forest Ruins - Cave of Sadistic Glee - Wraithgate - Hallucinatory Trench - Eden - Brimstone Pit - Nightscream Island - Lothranis - Momaganon - Seat of Torment - Abaddon - Warsong City - Palace of Nirvana - Lunar Glade - Valley of Reciprocity - Frostcover City - Twilight Temple - Cube of Fate - Chrono City - Guild Base - Morai - Phoenix Valley - Endless Universe - Blighted Chamer morai weekly - Nation War startegic map, Nation War Capture the flag, Nation War TOWER, Nation War CRYSTAL - New veno leveling instance - Hidden Dragon Den - The new starter world - Primal World - Flowsilver Palace - Undercurrent Hall - Primal World - Story mode - Dragon counqest battlefield map bg - Heavenfall temple instance - Territory War PvE and PvP all levels - Quicksand Maze - Etherblade Arena

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