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Forsaken Perfect World 1.5.5!

Forsaken Perfect World 1.5.5
Bringing the instant-cast and 5 APS PVP styles back into Perfect World. We have a vast amount of Unique Custom Content and professional staff working around the clock to improve your gaming Experience.

Forsaken Perfect World 1.5.5 Information:
SFPW - We Are A Unique Fast Growing Server, Established In 2016 Bringing The Instant-Cast And 5 APS PVP Styles Back Into Perfect World Gaming, Also We Have Outstretched A Vast Amount Of Unique Custom Player Contents Such As New Custom Locations On Main Maps, Custom Instances With Custom Drops, Also We Host Large Profitable Events To Allow Newbies The Best Shot At Starting Up Within Our Server, We Have An Easy Levelling System And High Rates To Go With It, Also We Have A Very Professional Team of Staff, Working Around The Clock To Improve Gaming Experience And To Moderate The Experience Of Players Within The Game And To Also Help Assist With Any Issues, Our Staff Are Quite Active, Constantly Doing New Patches And Adding Unique Custom Content To Allow Players To Have A Wider Range Of Gaming Experiences, We Have A Free Of Lag Server Running Always At Optimum Net Speed, And A Great Community Of Players Coming From Places Worldwide To Enjoy The Gaming Experience We Have To Offer.. We Hope To See You In Our Server Very Soon

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