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BattlewarsMU Season15 ep1 No Reset!

BattlewarsMU Season15 ep1 No Reset
Opening /01/11/2020 - Win WCoin and Ruuds from Invasions, Events and Bosses [x500 Dyanmic] [Custom Invasions] [WCoin amp Ruud Rewards] [PvP Tournaments same Class] [Real Play2Win] [Amazing Moss] [Great Economy System] [Friendly Cummonity]

BattlewarsMU Season15 ep1 No Reset Information:
Arcana Mu S2 1.02r+97d [10Res/Online] 300+ online Arcana Mu S2 1.02r+97d [0Res/BetaOn] Arcana Mu Season15 [0Res/BetaOn] Premium X-Team, UGK, DMNCMS, OVH, HyperFilter. -online-season2/ Reconnect, Offattack, Offstore, Store jewels, Afk mode, Auto buff and Auto pick - Life bar - 3d Cammera - Better Graphics Balanced server and Drops, Proffessional server configurations. Exp Dynamic, Vote rewards credits, Market credits - Shop credits [Based on player free marketing and balanced] Top 10 BC, DS, CS, VOTES Rewards Credits.

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