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SerenityCO- Classic Conquer Only Better!

SerenityCO- Classic Conquer Only Better
[x20 Rates][Classic CO Style Gameplay packed with Custom Content and Features][Lvl 137 Max][+12 dmg-7 HP+255 Max][Tao/Arch/War/Troj/Ninja Only][No BP][No Talismans][No lotto][New HD Maps][Auto Meteor Spam][Equipment Gambler][Real Estate System][PvP Events][Friendly English Speaking Community]

SerenityCO- Classic Conquer Only Better Information:
What is this server all about Classic style Conquer with modern touches and enhancements.One look at our website and you know we arent just another halfassed conquer private server.Heres the stuff you probably want to knowAccelerated drop rates and level rates About x5 faster than regular.It wont take you a year to max out but you wont be able to do it in a week either.Max Level 137. Max +12.Removed Many of the stupid new features such as Lottery, Battle Power, Item Lock, Talismans, Horses, Mentors, Trade Partners, VIP system, Quest system and the inability to PK in TC. While good newer additions such as blessed gear and HP Bonus have been kept.Classes Trojan, Taoist, Archer, Warrior, Ninja ONLY.Donations We arent trying to make money on this server however any donations to help keep the server running are greatly appreciated. As with most servers donations will be rewarded with in game rewards in the form of CP. Classic rates 10 DBs worth of cp rewarded for a 15 dollar donation.Fast US West Coast based server.Helpful GMs that fix problems that may arise immediately.Friendly English speaking community.Other changes from originalWhile we are trying to make the game have a classic feel, at the same time we are trying to enhance the overall experience with things such as a clean custom interface and new custom music added to EVERY map. Find the music thats used in game on the Music Tab.5 Completely Custom Skills added to give Taoists and 2 handed weapon users a ScentSword FastBlade style aim to hit skill for PvP.Custom lore friendly quests and enemies, but not enough to take away from the classic feel.More content is being added all the time, but we wont be raising the 137 level and plus 12 limit.While most servers focus on max level and getting max gear, we instead are focusing on making the server full of lower level content and making lower levels more playable. The way it SHOULD be. Conquer is a grind by nature, thats part of what made it fun, but we encourage the player not to just grind levels and gear all day. Slow down and hang out with some cool people. Conquer was fun NOT because of the grinding, but because of the community. The grinding just kept people around. So whether your here to hang out with other people online, become an economy master, or just here to grind all day to be the best, we hope you have fun.About the server hostsWe grew up playing Conquer as kids, thoroughly enjoyed it until eventually they added so many idiotic features that they completely ruined every aspect of the game.We missed old conquer the way it was all those years ago.No more lottery completely ruining the economy. No more talismans making your 130 trojan lose to a level 15 archer. No more 1 point of battle power meaning the difference between 5000 damage and 1 damage. No more ninja casting toxic fog on you then waiting for you to be 1 hp so he can zap you once.We longed for the days where not everyone in the server had full super plus 12 gear chuck full of Super Dragon Gems.We dreamed of PKing someone wherever and whenever we please without being instantly thrown in jail, and when PKing people having them actually drop stuff and us also have the chance to drop stuff.We wanted to go back to the basics. So we did.Enjoy.Check out our beautiful website at SerenityCO-online

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