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Revolution Silkroad!

Revolution Silkroad
NEW SILKROAD SERVER [99,90 uptime] [No lag] [ No Donation - FRIENDLY GM.] [exp: 2500x - gold: 2500x - skill 2500x ] [ Premium items in shop] Join Now

Revolution Silkroad Information:
Missions are undertaken to advance in rank, access new areas, gain new privileges and advance the various storylines. Each race and expansion has its own set of missions and quests, which a player must complete to advance in rank a player may only complete missions for his home country, though it is relatively simple to change allegiances to a different race. Quests may be undertaken for various rewards and fame. Unlike many MMORPGs, there is no way to attack other players unless both players agree to duel. There are two types of competition 1. is called quotBallistaquot, in which players scored points by throwing petras into a castle-like structure known as a quotRookquot and the 2039nd is called quotBrennerquot, in which players steal the opposing team039s flames and place them in a container on their own side. By maintaining these flames, points are awarded which determine the winner.

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