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99999999x PVP OpenMu PVP 99999999x!

99999999x PVP OpenMu PVP 99999999x
[SEASON 3 Ep1][Exp 999999x][Since 2008][200+ online][FREE FULL OPTION ITEMS][FREE CREDITS FOR ALL][BOX+1+2+3+4+5 IN SHOPS][Never wipe - 7 years][24/7][WINGS 1,2,3 and ALL JEWELS IN SHOPS][MAX LVL 1000] [PPL 25/30][NO-LAG][SUPER MAXIMAL SERVER COME AND PLAY]

99999999x PVP OpenMu PVP 99999999x Information:
HOTNEW OpenMu Is Online 65535 max stats Season III Ep I S3 Quest Items In Shop NO LAG 9999999xpMAX DROP Box+1,2,3,4,5 in shop All wings in shop MaxLevel500 Full Spawns Start points 250 to allVote Reward System Grand Reset System 24/7 all in shop good staff professional forum Dedicated server hosted in Bulgaria CAsh shop working 100 Kalima boss work Chaos castle work 100 drop ancient items

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