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Rise of Tyrants!

Rise of Tyrants
CRAZY free online game. Build a virtual army and use it to compete with others in a frenzied battle for domination. Ridiculously silly, ridiculously addictive, ridiculously fun

Rise of Tyrants Information:
Rise of Tyrants is a browser-based, virtual army command game. You use your web browser, your brain, and occasionally a calculator to play, and the objective of the game is to get to the highest rank you can before the reset. Or just to have fun.Your basic unit of time is a turn. We have currently one active game, running turns every 5 seconds. Whenever a turn happens, something happens to all armies in the game - they get more gold (money), more soldiers (to hold your weapons and make your gold), and occasionally more attack turns, which are your army039s basic unit of firepower. You need attack turns to make use of your army, e.g. to attack armies to steal gold, spy on armies to gather information or steal treasure chests, or kamikaze attack to cause damage to your enemiesIn-game messaging, a public shoutbox, a nice quiet IRC channel, and newly organized forums make up most of the community. Players can choose to stand their own ground, or to enjoy the full breadth of the game039s community, players can team up with officers (players who signed up under your command can give you a bonus by getting recruits) or alliances (a team of players that come together to fight for a common cause)We don039t have a lot of graphics - this is mostly a numbers game. Everything else is left to your imagination.It doesn039t take a whole lot of time to learn and play, so come and check us out. - home page (portal for all games - may be outdated) - latest version - forumsirc.cyanide-x rot

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