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HeliumMU Online 97D + 2.0 Private Server

-[PLAY 2 WIN]- -[Long Term Server 100]- -[Dedicated OVH SG Server]- -[Anti DDoS System]- -[32767 Max Stats]- -[Exp: 500x]- -[Level 400]- -[PK Server]- -[50 Drop rate]- -[Cheaters Auto Ban]-

HeliumMU Online 97D + 2.0 Info:
Server Info: Helium MU Online 0.97D+2.0 Semi Hard Rate Server FREE TO PLAY Classes -Dark Knight -Dark Wizard -Elf -Magic Gladiator w/ Starting Gear FO +13 + 2nd Wing Exp Rates: 500x Drop Rate: 50x Chaos Machine [+10 to +15]: Default INGAME FEATURES Events BC,CC,DS [BOK +1 to +5] random Invasion Golden Invasion [BOK +1 to +5] Red Dragon[BOK +5] Reset/Grand Reset System -For every 100 Reset you will get a Mastery Box Contains FO Item +0

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