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Legacy World!

Legacy World
13+ years of brave history 6 Classic amp 4 additional classes, balanced PvP, PvM, favourite NPCs from other games, Races, Experience, Quests, Auto-Events, Arenas, 100+ Mounts, 150+ Houses. Custom client and etc. VK, FB, INST, YT ZuluHotelEurope

Legacy World Information:
Legacy World
The only server that has no analogues and we can be proud of it
Briefly about the essentials.
In 2012, a group of former Ultima Online players got together to fulfill their long-standing dream - to revive the best traditions of then gone server into oblivion,which was well known to most as Dream World. As of today, our server is already 9 years old and we are growing by leaps and bounds Technical support for a programmer with more than 10 years of experience is provided to the server from the 1st day of its existence, and long before that. A balanced class system, PvP, PvM and the recordintroduction of automatic events of a new format - PvE - player vs event, which only 1 person can boast in his personal projects - Sir Richard Garriott aka Lord British.
Lets get to the point
Here you will find Classical system of 6 classes: Mage , Warrior, Crafter , Ranger , Thief , Bard and 4 new, unique classes for variety in the game: Paladin , Assassin , Hunter , Farmer Perhaps the smartest NPCs youve met - not only are they aggressive, they can predict your next move. [Believe me, these mobs will not only show you their teeth, they are ready to bite off the floor of your character, seeing him from a distance out of the corner of his eye. Itsweak to be a folder in PvM That is why we have implemented PvM statistics , so that everyone can feel like a hero and be better than others The combat system is as balanced as possible. The work lasted for 9 years and to this day, we continue to mint it - there is no limit to perfection By theway, having entered the game, everyone can find himself on everyones beloved and dear heart Player Statistics , which is constantly watched by the players And The Screenshot Gallery of our players will make you feel nostalgic from the firstseconds. But, in order not to be verbose, we invite you to join our World of Dreams and dive into it from the first steps in the game 1. Account registration 2. UO Files - is our separate part, on which we have worked carefully all these years. Only here youwill find more than 80 mounts, more than 200 houses available for players in the world and more than 300+ new things introduced into the game 3. Discord server - this is what they say holy of holies - all players who play on our server stay in touch 24/7/365 Therefore, support from the firststeps will be fully provided to you. 4. Our modest and full of information Forum , where you can read the lists of updates and innovations starting from 2014, and also get acquainted with the guides of the players who prepared them for a quick and powerful start on our server Legacy World 5. Enter thegame and have fun P. S. It is in our interest to make the game as fun and stable as possible Therefore, each idea of the players is subject to discussion and is considered not only by Kanslers or Sirams. A special reward for especially courageous creatives An interesting and exciting journey into the world of Ultima Online awaits you. Join usLogin: game.zuluhotel.ua Port: 5003 Location: Germany, Nuremberg Skill cap: 1200 Stat cap: 300+

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