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Cabal Zodiac!

Cabal Zodiac
Its Never Just A Game When Youre Winning. A Play to Win High Rate Server [Episode 26] Latest Dungeons, Unique System, 24/7 Active Costumer Service, Anti Cheat amp DDOS protection + M-Shield, PD/PA System... and more

Cabal Zodiac Information:
[color2b007c]Cabal Zodiac[/color] is a free to play and win private server with active and dedicated staff that will work for the better welfare of the game. We dedicate this server for those player who are looking for: EXP: 100, PET EXP: 30, SKILL EXP: 50, DROP RATE: 30, DROP/MOB: 2-3x, AXP: 700, WEXP: 30. Thus, 24/7 Active Staffis also at your service with Anti Cheat that is protected by M-Shield and securely protected against DDOS. Trans-Skills and auto GM buffs is also part of the game and experience the PA/PD system with one click BM cancel. New dungeons, extended rune and macro BM that you will never miss [color]FREE[/color] starting items such as MithrilSet including epaulet and weapons at its maximum options and slots + Husky Pet + and complete accessories for every class.

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