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PRO Warriors 3.3.5 Instant 80!

PRO Warriors 3.3.5 Instant 80
[Instant level 80][Custom Outdoor PVP][SOLO RAIDS][Flying mounts everywhere][Legendary System][Solo Arena 1v1][Armor Tokens][PLAYER UPGRADES][Transmog][Reforging][Titles NPC][Reputation NPC][Antifarming system][Duel reset system][Phased duels][Emblem exchanger system][Faction-neutral mall]

PRO Warriors 3.3.5 Instant 80 Information:
PRO Warriors is an instant 80 PVP/PVE funserver that is based on 3.3.5a client. We choose Wrath of the Lich King emulator because this is the only playable emulator at the moment. We value quality over quantity. Here are some of the features: jump right into endgame experience with instant level 80, arena 1v1 system, Raid amp Dungeonsautobalance system [all raids and dungeons are scaled according to player level and stats so you can choose to solo them], Armor tokens [get them from all kind of activities both PVP and PVE], custom fun events such as maze, jumping events or REACT [react will post some random words on players chat and you have to be quick to write the words backin chat], teleporter, faction neutral mall with all the vendors and custom npcs that you need, Reputation and Titles NPC, Tokens [emblems] exchange system, Antifarming [you wont be able to farm tokens by multiboxing for example], Anticheat, Multivendors - one single NPC containing multiple vendors all in one for an easier equip experience, Customplayer commands, Player info NPC [use it to learn more about the server when you log in], Reforging for 3.3.5, Transmogrification - customize your gear appearance as you like, Duel tracking system, phased duels, Duel reset, Buffs NPC, Professions NPC - learn a profession and all recipes with one click, Killstreak system, Crossfaction chat,Beastmaster - dedicated to Hunters, tame beasts with one click and more and more features. We are also using a dedicated server to ensure the best and a lag free experience for everyone.

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