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Aurora-Realms Perfect World 1.3.9!

Aurora-Realms Perfect World 1.3.9
1.4.8 Perfect World Server Mid Rate Server No donator gear 100 Free and Nostalgic

Aurora-Realms Perfect World 1.3.9 Information:
Aurora-Realms 1.4.8 PW Server Relaunched with a new revision New Content Rank 9 Genies Tideborn amp Earthguard races 10 Speed Flight Mounts And more GShop Items: Added Mirage Stones Added Molds Added Blacksmithing Training Added Tailoring Training Added Jewelcrafting Training Added Apothocary Training Added Molds Added Marrage packsAdded Socket Stones Added Hyper Stones Added EXP Scrolls Added Harpy Combat Pet Added Monkey King Combat Pet Added Refine Stones Added Socket Stones Added REP badges Added Super Safe Stones Added Super Cage Stones Added Super Inventory Stones Added Wraith Office Bades for Rep Added Materials for Rank 9 Items amp Quest

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