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AngelicMu Season 6 Episode 15!

AngelicMu Season 6 Episode 15
Filipino-owned server. Freshly founded on the month of June and have a continuously growing community in-game and in discord. Staff is consistently working on updates solely for the purpose of improving the server. / SEASON 6 EPISODE 15 /FREE TIER 2 PACK with SS5 / Unique In-Game Quests and EVENTS /

AngelicMu Season 6 Episode 15 Information:
A Filipino owned server with the passion to play MU Online thats why he created AngelicMU to give enjoyment SEASON 6 EPISODE 15 FREE STARTER PACK Unique in-game QUEST HOURLY EVENTS BALANCE PVP GRAND RESET MILESTONE REWARD FRIENDLY COMMUNITY At the start of the game the players can choose between four different character classes -Dark Wizard, Dark Knight, Fairy Elf and Summoner, . Players can unlock two classes if they reach certain level with one character: Magic Gladiator, Rage Fighter and Dark Lord. Each class has its specific powers and items. As characters level up and complete quests, they can transform themselves into stronger classes. Each progressive class changegrants, gain access to new spells, skills, weapons and wings as well as an associated change in appearance.

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