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MuG4L Season 16 P1-3 - Play2Win 2021!

MuG4L Season 16 P1-3 - Play2Win 2021
Resets Limited Mu S16 Server with Full Fun EXP FULL IGCN Premium Server Files and Professional Protection with fair Admins. Daily events, Lovely Gifts and Prizes, Fun PVP-balanced, MMO Active Community from Canada with a plan for a Long Term server NEW GUN CRUSHER CHARACTER S16 MAPS JOIN US

MuG4L Season 16 P1-3 - Play2Win 2021 Information:
Welcome to our gaming network, Gamers4Life. Gamers4Life.ca is a network of different MMORPG Games hosted and Sponsored by G4L Welcome to our MuOnline Project. Mu Online Season 16 Coming with new Strength and Energy based character GunCrasher First class: Guncrasher Second class: GunBreaker Third Class: Master GunBreaker Forth class: HighGunCrasher Characters main weapon is: Pistol GUN-SHOOTER Server Location: Netherlands Server Season : Season 16 Part 1-3 [BETA] General Experience: 350x 3500 for beta Majestic Experience : HighEXP and FULL for Beta Phase General Drop Rate: 65 OffTrading and Offparty: Offtrade Disabled / Offattack is on Warehouses: 3 Max Marry System: In future.Guild Create Level: 100 Quest NPC Teleport Time: Every 10 minutes Max Stats: 120000+ 32767 each stat Dynamic Exp: NO PVP Server: Full PVP Focused and Balanced 100 Max resets: 100 Grand Resets: Disabled For now Characters Create level all from 1 Webshop: With limited Seals and Buffs and no FO unfair in-game items - Starter Kit for new Characters,sets , items etc. VIP Features: Disabled xCashShop: On with Tickets,Fruits and Default standard items For Credits Goblin Points: Only earned from Monsters and spend in x Shop New Map Design look. New PVP Map Areas. New Map for GM Events. Simplified Map List New characters Slayer s15 Gun Crusher s16 New season 16 Maps FULL PvP Balanced Testedserver. OFFTRADE/ATTACK RESETS: Resets : Unlimited Reset level required: Max Level Resets through game: Command is /reset Clear Items after Reset No Clear Skills after Resets No Points after Reset: 500 x Times by Resets - After reset all/skills will NOT be deleted Reset Cost: starting with 1 million zen and multiplies - Reset reward: 250 Credits

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