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Eternium Shard Private Server

Ultima Online RPG Shard World of Warcraft style Best Rpg server 2022, 6 race,8 class, more 200 quest, 4000 artifacts, raid dungeon,more than 40 new abilities, easy start PVE-PVP mode JOIN NOW

Eternium Shard Info:
Ultima Online Custom server WorldofWarcraft Syle Best Server ib 2021 race abblity 1000 quest dungeons Dota system PVM PVE WORLD 3000, Armomr Weapons Artefact Join now, free start for you no death if you low level, no loot custom craft system, 6 race 6 class Dunge 8 types funy play best support in game, Battle in sea craft and destroyship, sea mount, level system up to 50, 10 year play stability

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