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L2 Equanimity Gracia Final!

L2 Equanimity Gracia Final
New Gracia Final server XPx100 Adenax250 Vesper Armors/Weapons, Custom farm areas w/ custom mobs amp Raids w/ custom skills. working 81-83 skills, ,3 hour buffs. safe +10, max +25. active GMs, and much more

L2 Equanimity Gracia Final Information:
L2 Equanimity Features custom raids, custom farming zones, and mobs w/ custom skills u wont see anywhere else, high skill enchant rate, meaning u can easily get your skills above +10 11 and 12, Our server has masterwork weapons working. Also our TvT area is unique with booby traps, you can level your clan to 10 etc. Tons of 81 skills working, updating to Gracia final soon, also we just opened so come and have some fun :)

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