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RealMU S15 50x Non-Reset Offlevel!

RealMU S15 50x Non-Reset Offlevel
No Webshop and No Pay2Win EXP 50x DynamicNo Reset Anti DDoS and Antihack PVP and PVM GMO Like Fresh Community Fresh Server +1500 Online Join NOW

RealMU S15 50x Non-Reset Offlevel Information:
Welcome to RealMU - Season 15 Episode 1-3 Real MU Season 15 Ep 1-3 OPENED 11/07 1600+ ONLINE Freebies: 30 EXP Seal 3d + 2 Buff Scrolls 3d New Class Slayer New Maps, New Monsters and New Items Server information Version: Season 15 Part 1-3 IGCN Premium Files Normal Exp: 50x Master Exp: 35x Majestic Exp: 15x Item Drop Rate:30 Reset System: No Reset Max Level: 1200 Max Accounts per IP: 10 Offlevel Limit: 12h 24h VIP Features Mu Helper enabled on Lvl 10 Spots Mark on minimap All drops well configured and balanced Professional Team, Professional support Game Style: Farm / PvP and Play2Win Totally original game, play on a professional server Whats new in Season 15 version New character: Slayer New moss merchant New maps: Abyss Atlans / Schorched Canyon New Mastery equipment: Silverheart and Blue Eye Weapons New Excelents item evolution system New Earring Features New Elite monsters Custom Events New Monster Invasions New Elemental Invasions New Ruud Invasions Scramble Words Event And More... Links Site Facebook Instagram Discord Twitter Register NOW

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