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BetterRO - A Better Place For You!

BetterRO - A Better Place For You
NEW HR SERVER JUST LAUNCHED [Max Level: 500 120] [Exp: 25k] [Drop: 100 common items, 30 equipment, 10 cards] [Global Community] [achievements] [Quests] [Automated Events] [BG 3.0] [Web Ranks] [Faction Wars] [500USD Seasonal WOE Tournament]

BetterRO - A Better Place For You Information:
Revolutionizing the Super High Rate scene like never before BetterRO is an International Server that provides unique experience. Its recent grand event, Super WOE, has gathered guilds from Low, Mid amp High Rate to determine the best guild amongst all. Dedicated team behind this project that provide - Fresh WOE Experience Balanced, UniqueMechanics/Cards/Item Battlegrounds/Faction War/PVP 15 Automated Events Hunting Mission Quests/Items/Achievement Challenging MVPs 1000+ Costume No OP Donation Seasonal WOE Tournament Coming Soon Prize Pool 2000 USD

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