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FUN AND FREE FOREVER - Quality Over Quantity - 110 CAP - 770 CHN Mastery - 10x Experience - 10x Item Drop - 4x Gold Drop - PERFECTED Gameplay - FREE SILK.

Here we provide proper old-school fashioned iSRO quality feeling starting from the launcher to the game itself.
Solo exp: 150x
Drop rate: 85x
Gold rate: 35x
SP exp from quests: 15x
SP from quests: 10x
Loot pet inventory pages: 5
Areas:All 110 cap areas enabled/working as per default world map.
Fortress: Jangan, Hotan, Bandit
Attack pets: All available at stable NPCs for 2M gold
Guild emblems: Working
Mercenaries: Enabled
Default inventory: 60 exp, 100 exp, Wolf pet, Monkey pickpet [3 days], 5x drug oftyphoon, 10x return scrolls.
Server slots: 1000 [will be increased on demand]
Community driven updates / fixes and feature requests at discord involving everyone who has a word to say.
Create multiple game accounts with the same e-mail address.
24/7 dedicated hosting providingvery smooth and lag-free / low-latency game-play.

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