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Fresh new WotLK server, with realm rates: XP - Reputation - Battleground x4. Be the first level 80 on the server and take the reward

TARABA WOW Information:
Hello to everyone, I invite everyone to try our server and test it for lag, server crashing, etc. Most players do not want much time to lose on leveling, the server we set up on x4 for XP - Reputation - Battleground. Through our website, we included voting every 12 hours. Collected voting points can be spent on a teleport character in the game and on the Item store. The server is open and I hope to see you. We added many new things in game like- glyph vendors for all classes- Heirloom vendors on each creating character spot- four bags for create new character- we made dual specilazation freeAlso, we put in Item store more then 200 items where u can spend your collected vote points. We added teleports in the game

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