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Project-Ardalos 7.3.5 Legion!

Project-Ardalos 7.3.5 Legion
One of the best Legion Progressive Blizzlike-Scripted server [1x-5X XP, 1x drop rates, 1x Rep rates][DDoS Protection][Constant Updates][Vote and Donation Points][Stability][Uptime 24/7]

Project-Ardalos 7.3.5 Legion Information:
Welcome TravelersYou can find every informations about our Resurrection Realm here.Useful links:- Website: - Account Registration: - Forum: - Discord: set realmlist logon.abysswow.euRESURRECTION REALM RATES AND FEATURES- XP Gain: 5x- Reputation Gain: 2x- Item Drop Chance: 3x [Loot Box NOT affected]- Class Trainers: FREE- Fly Points: Instant Access [Faction related]- Creature Pathfinding: ON- Dungeon Finder: ON- Anti-Cheat: ON- Loot Box: ONCURRENT PVP AND PVE CONTENT [PROGRESSIVE]Please note:Heres what content is available on the server. PVE content increases over time, PVP seasons start up every 4 months.The higher tier dungeons and raids are not available, you cant enter them, untill they are LIVE in the current contentPVP Season NoteSeason 5 - Next Season begins: 22. 05. 2019Alterac Valley - AvailableArathi Basin - AvailableEye of the Storm - AvailableIsle of Conquest - AvailableCircle of Blood Arena - AvailableDalaran Arena - AvailableRing of Trials - AvailableRuins of Lordaeron - AvailableUtgarde Keep - Available

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