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Dark Tides!

Dark Tides
We Are Newly Open to the Public. We are a custom maps shard. So you will need our patch. RP welcome but not mandatory. We are currently Still in the construction phase, but have plenty of content. Visit Our Website for connection details and more information.

Dark Tides Information:
The Dark Tides world is a custom maps and content, free to play UO server. So you will need our patch. The Dark Tides World is still under heavy construction, but it does have plenty of content to get new players adventuring for awhile, with lots more to come. There are currently over a dozen dungeons/temples that players can adventure in ranging in difficulty levels. Many more dungeons that are currently being remodeled, planned, or slated to be redone. There are at least 1000 custom artifacts in the game. Lots of custom tamable creatures. Unique Status system that allows players to increase there stats, skills, and resistances beyond the starting caps. The Starting Skill Cap being 100 in all skills, Starting total Stat Cap being 250, starting Resistance Cap being 70. Final caps are as follows with the top status level 150 Skill Cap in all skills, 375 total Stat Cap, and Resistances can reach 98 in all resistances. Item bonuses push the boundaries of skill and stat caps. All this provides for an interesting experience for all players new and old. We have many quests, including drag drop trade quests, word of mouth quests, and more. There is an in game Museum located in the city of Obelisk. While it is still under construction, it does provide a good sample of many of the items that one might acquire during your adventures, trials, and tribulations. We even have flying carpets

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