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Valtyr lCap 80 lLow Rates lOld School !

Valtyr lCap 80 lLow Rates lOld School
[Cap 80] Since begin 2017 Open - Low Rates - Race Chinese - Old Login - Old EXP BAR - Old PVP - 3 Job System - Auto Events - Job Ranking - Unique Ranking - BA - CTF - FW - and much more

Valtyr lCap 80 lLow Rates lOld School Information:
Valtyr Cap 80 Introduction:Valtyr is a new private server where you will retrieve your old memories and the most fun. Its cap 80, we think its the best cap that we met in silkroad. Also, almost of players lived in it more time. We hope to offer you an active and friendly community. So, dont miss it..Valtyr objective:Our objective is to be cooperative with you and offer you the most fun and exciting server and go back to real oldschool. Also, we hope to offer you the most enjoyable server as you need. We hope to provide you all what you need and the fastest response.Main targets:- Play2win- Long term- Fair gameplay- Ethical management- An active friendly communityBasic information:Cap:80Race:ChineseMastery:300Experience rate:1xParty experience rate:1,5xSkill points rate:2xItems drop rate:1xGold drop rate:1xTrade goods rate:2xAlchemy rate:1xGuild Limit:50Union Limit:8Max plus:10Fortresses:HotanBattle arena:EnabledCapture the flag:EnabledAuto events:AvailableOldschool capes:AvailableMercenary:AvailableForgotten world:DisabledAcademy:DisabledAuto equipment:DisabledAdvanced elixirs:DisabledFellow pets:DisabledAlchemy Stone Monster:AvailableAlchemy Tabs Monster:DisabledParty Monster:DisabledStallnetwork:DisabledMagic Pop:DisabledStarter package:We provide you a good package for starting your adventure You can now retrieve your old memories.Simple modifications:You are able to create one character per accountParty mobs disabled.Taklamakan is a max minimap.Old LoginOld Alchemy.Old EXP Bar.Old Exchange.Old job Ranking ingame.Wanted System MercenaryIncreased respawn Rate jG/DW/HT Stall gold max is 500B.Elemente Stack 30000.Stone Stack 1000.Titan Unique Spawn weekly sunday.Top Gold Player Server Notice.Top Hunter Server Notice.Top Thief Server Notice.Top Trader Server Notice.45 Server Title Name 5 New Quest3 New NPC Valtyr Quest ManagerServer Team:-AndreasServer Bot System:- System- SystemBot- EMUseful scrolls more:Skill Reset Scroll:Resets all of your masteries and skills back to and, youll be given the skill point back Upon use, youll be teleported back to town.Stats Reset Scroll:Resets your Int/Str points to 0 and gives you the points back to add them to either Str or Int. Upon use, youll be teleported back to townName Change Scroll:Gives you the ability to change your character name to a different one just by clicking this scroll Upon use, youll be disconnected and upon connecting youll have to choose a new nickname to log inComing SoonSystemBot:lock system send SystemBot in chat the MessageLock dont wait answerYou will Receive a msg in msg box with a pwsave it on in a text file or what ever you have and delete the msgto lock or unlock your itemsSystemBot pw/123456 123456 is the pw the pw from the msg boxUniques:Defeating the uniques Is the most fun and exciting thing in silkroad. We didnt do a bad system for uniques so, we added some Old FW uniques, uniques are available such as Hagiazo Dow, Tiger Girl, Tai Sui, Uruchi, Isyutaru, Black Cloud, Lord Yarkan, Norse God Valtyr etc.. All Uniques drop some special ItemsHagiazo Dow:Hagiazo Dow is level 10. it appears in different 7 spawn points.Tiger Girl:Tiger Girl is level 20. it appears in different 11 spawn points.Tai Sui:Tai Sui is level 30. it appears in different 7 spawn points.Uruchi:Uruchi is level 40. it appears in different 11 spawn points.Taishan:Taishan is level 50. it appears in different 7 spawn points.Isyutaru:Isyutaru is level 60. it appears in different 11 spawn points.Black Cloud:Black Cloud is level 70. it appears in different 6 spawn points.Lord Yarkan:Lord Yarkan is level 80. it appears in different 7 spawn points.Norse God Valtyr:Norse God Valtyr is level 80. it appears in different 25 spawn points.Job system:We didnt do or edit anything in our job system so, its exactly like the oldschool job system. just we have a one feature.Job suit:All job suits are available in Associate NPC with 1 STR/INT.SystemBot:German and EnglishIts not just a system like others. Our SystemBot is here only for the help and for informing you what you need to know. It will answer you only when you PM SystemBot and typing Hello or Hallo then follow commands:/HELP:/INGAME: Once you send to him this command it will talk to you and if you need to know about anything, you have to send a pm to SystemBot but you have to write this sign before the word /Automatic events:- Travia- Lucky Magic Party- Search Destroy- Hide Seek- Longest Online Player- Alchemy- Lucky Staller- Mathe- Lottery- Retype- Unscramble- and moreWinter Story Event: Snow Flakes are not Exchangeable by so-ok - 1. In a server, hunt down any monsters. Randomly Snow Slaves would appear.- 2. A character meeting the certain counts by just hunting Snow Slaves would receive- 3 hours Exp/Skill points increases.3. When, number 4 is done, the certain character would receive the rewards as well as White Knight monsters would be summoned randomly all over the server.- 4. When White Knight monsters are summoned for the fifth time, Winter Princess Miyene monsters would be summoned randomly all over the server.Mission 1The hero stopping the right Snow Slaves out of all the others, randomly set for each server, the character would receive 3 hours Exp/Skill points increases.Mission 2For higher Experience points, kill White Knight and Winter Princess Miyene monsters.Ranking:This system in our website will simply show you guys the top ranking players to make it more competitive and to help you to know who in the top ranking.- Top Login Logout Player- Top Players- Top Guilds- Top Jobbers- Top Plus- Top Uniques Spanwed Time Killed or Alive- Top Global Normal WTS WTT- Top Job Pvp Kills- Top Unique Kills- Top Unique KillsCharacter Lookup:Char Info- Level- HP / MP / INT / STR- Guild- Job- Title- Kills / Died- Unique Kills- SOX Parts- Item pointCharacter Log- Char Signature- Last unique Kill- Global- last Killed PlayerInventoryStorageInGame Team Ranking:- Login Logout- GlobalsEvent Ranking:- White Knight Winter Event Snow Slave kill- Auto Event TimeSearching: character/guildThis system will make you able to find and look for any character/guild by an easily way.Character LookupWith this system, you are able to see the inventory/storage for any character.Vote4silk:You can get Activity Points everyday by free way. all you have to do is voting for AP in our website every 24 hour.Share Events:We wont run the share events now because we have a target got that.Signature Events:We give you a chance to win silks. All you have to do is using our forum signature by copying the code and putting it in you signature.Regards Valtyr

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