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Best UO World - Launch 6/2018 Open Now!

Best UO World - Launch 6/2018 Open Now
Fel only, Ren Era, Progressive skill gain, Regless casting

Best UO World - Launch 6/2018 Open Now Information:
Ultima Online. Fel only. Ren Era pvp. Stats 100/225 total. 100 skill/no cap. Fast statskill gain. Mage no regs. No stat/skill loss. 1 char per acc. 2 per ip. No tame. No custom. No looped macros. Razor only. client. 2593Lets play UO Enjoy. PvP. Explore. 20 year old game, is still tons of fun. fast leveling makes it less of a grind, and just put in a little time and your skills will quickly be at max. no macroing means you actually have to use the skills to make the gains. super fast though, can just play using them.

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