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EggRO: 7x/5x/5x - Pre-renewal with only 2-1 and 2-2, No Trans/Rebirth Classes Will change later - Card drop rates 5x - MVP drop rates 1x - Episode 8.2 Ayothaya - Classic training spots - Npcs: Warper, job changer, Royal Jackpot exclusive to EggRO and many more - Main Town: Old Payon

EggRO Information:
EggRO is a new pre-renewal server with some classic features such as only 2nd classes and a simple goal: Nostalgia. We really want to hit right in the feels. Many training spots that used to be very popular in the good old days are back. Our main town is the beloved Old Payon, which is a huge part of our memories of this great game.Here at EggRO balance is very important, thats why we dont plan to ever stop finding ways to improve.

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