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AshenWoW Instant 100 WOTLK Funserver!

AshenWoW Instant 100 WOTLK Funserver
Instant 100, Balanced Classes, Custom Tiers And Seasons, Transmog, Strong dedicated group of people actively working hard. Many scripted raids dungeons Super unique and active Discord

AshenWoW Instant 100 WOTLK Funserver Information:
Ashen WoW is a dedicated Wrath of the Lich King server with a strong group of people working to bring it to fruition. What to look forward to on Ashen WoW:-Custom mini teleporter - For all your traveling needs-Instant Level 100 to start you out right for the content.-Starting PvE and PvP gear for you to decide what you want to do.-Custom Mall settled right on the other side of the Dark Portal.-Working dungeons and raids-Custom Tiers-Custom Seasons-Custom Artifact legendaries-Voting Gear and Donor Gear-Solo and Group Content- World Bosses-Transmog-High Uptime cause no one likes a server that crashes all the time-A wonderful community of active helpful people and staff.-Events with rewards and moreWebsite: : sure to join us on Discord for all PVE information and server information you will need. Anyone interested in developing for us may contact Zero through our discord server.

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