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Equilibrium RF Online!

Equilibrium RF Online
New Server 2018, LV Max 56+, No lag, No rollback, GameCP, VotePoints, Gold Points, Cash Shop, Event New Player, Join us, you will love IT, The wars are very good Join US

Equilibrium RF Online Information:
New EQG PVP - Max Lvl 55 - With few modifications in the original, All Starts LVL 55, Exp Animus x1500, High Drop Rate, High Sell Rate, Upgrades: Unmodified original, PT,Skill Force G, GAMECP Vote Points for buy ITENSOur server was released on 09/11/2018. Come meet. We have the new system of gold points, cash points per minute and more. The donater items are made by gamecp, via votepoints.EQUILIBRIUM RF PLAY ITequilibriumrf

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