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Worldwide PvP server custom spell Crossfaction instant 80 Start,unique Fighter Level Progression 1-1000 come with us 50fighter level + 1 car + 1 spell of your choice offered for Server Opening come fast On Alkatraz PvP does not mean just lets Fight , you log in ,you are a challenger

Alkatraz is a 3.3.5 Ultra PvP server , instant 80 start , instant spell + gear + talent + glyph + gems + enchant build Fighter Level 1-1000 with a lot of reward player time rewarded with Additional custom talents rank , Battleground by Category of fighter Level , CrossClass spell of your choice to get for your Build Other Class spell also limited by fighter level example category 1-100 maximum 11 CrossClass spell and maximum Custom Set 1 what else Thousand of mount from different expansion , Cars and Sunshine from popular realease , and some C++ Unique Battle as Race of Car PvP 1v1 without Fight or PvPvE with unique custom Battle in Pve Raid a Deathnote or a Bounty hunter for when your ennemi get to hard to kill For the Opening of Alkatraz every players Start Fighter Level 50 , for a early access of 6 possible spell , with 1 offered , the Car of your choice to not walk anymore , and a spawner for always have what you need close to you we are waiting for you dont miss your welcome Gift

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