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Shaiya SEA!

Shaiya SEA
Shaiya Episode 4 for Asian players, Combined features of all popular episode 4 servers, The server is hosted in Singapore to give Asian players the best latency and experience zero lag gaming, NO LAG, NO QQ

Shaiya SEA Information:
Shaiya SEA Episode 4 is a low rate server that aims to provide the best gaming experience for Shaiya Asian players. We have combined and added great features of all popular episode 4 servers and come up with the best one. We have the best and professional staffs that has years of experience in playing Shaiya as a player and as a Game Master. Shaiya SEA innovated awesome web dashboard and web tools to easily manage your account and We have tons of freebies to get you started and settled. Stop looking for other shaiya server, Give us a try and make this your home.

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