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OldSquadMU - MAX 30RR - 24th February!

OldSquadMU - MAX 30RR - 24th February
[Re-Start Old Server][Season 6][Dynamic Low Exp][Brand New and Inovative Gameplay][Hard Economy System][3 Stages with Limited Features][REAL NO PAY2WIN][Professional Staff Support][Big Community][Actions Speaks for Us, not Words][Make MU Great Again]

Link - OldSquadMU - MAX 30RR - 24th February

Hello guys,I want to present you something kinda new, interesting and somehow different from other experiences.We are a young team called OldSquad formed of old muonline tryharders and hard core players that had played hundreds of servers and many styles [non reset,fullstats,limited stats,etc.]Nowadays MU is suffering a lot because of all the new pay2win servers or not thinked at all for a nice gameplay.This is why many pro players cant find a stable place where they can show their skill.After a lot of brainstorming,a lot of work,spended nights, etc, we are here to deliver you a smooth MU experience.Have you ever dreamed about a server where Admins do really care about players Where admins really use good sugestions, solve the problems, be active almost anytime ingame, do many events Where admins really dont make any differences between players and are really fair Yea, I know, really hard to belive, but we had already show that this is real on our first database [romanian only] and now we decided to upgrade to s6 and make it international :]Lets get on subject with some detalied informations :[COLORff0000]Basic infos[/COLOR][spoiler]- Season 6 Ep. 3- Low/Med exp- 35 Drop- Party exp system [Solo - lowest exp, full party - highest exp]- All events working with nice rewards- Maximum of 2 guilds in an alliance- Elf soldier buff until level 300- Maximum of 3 accounts on same ip- Shops for a low exp server- Maximum of 9 HP pots stack and 50 mana pots stack [for PVP and PVM experience and to get rid of AUTO Q users and overpower tanks].- Create guild at level 200- Create DL,MG at level 200- Create SUM at level 1- Create RF at xx [must be discused]- Reconnect system fully working- Helper[/spoiler][COLORff0000][SIZE-5]Gameplay infos[/COLOR][spoiler]OldSquad is going to offer you a nice unique experience with build-base that can satisfy any kind of player[passive,farmer,pvp-lover,afk-er,competitive,etc.].About our gameplay:- Maximum of 30 resets- First 3 resets you will reset at level 350- Between 3 and 8 resets you will reset at level 380- After 8 resets until 30 you will reset at level 400- Reset stats [after every reset yours stats will be reseted and you will get xx points number of resets]- Between 0-10 resets you will gain 800-1000 points per reset [differs from char to char]- Between 10-20 resets you will gain 600-800 points per reset [differs from char to char]- Between 20-30 resets you will gain 400-600 points per reset [differs from char to char]- After first 30 persons will reach max resets we will introduce grand reset system with rewards like bonus points and items and a maximum of 2-3 GR.- Total points at 30 resets : 20-26k [differs from char to char]Leveling :- First 0-2/3 resets the best maps where you can level will be tarkan2,karutan1 and kanturu2 warp.- 2/3-8/10 resets the best maps where you can level will be arena and kanturu2- After 8/10 resets the best maps where you can level will be raklion,kanturu3 and karutan2.This system will make the game more interesting and more skill/build-based.Also the gap between top 30 characters and the rest of the server will be lowerAlso any person who want to start after xx days from server start can recover easy[if he plays alot].[/spoiler][COLORff0000]Events infos[/COLOR][spoiler]- Goldens invasion :Every 2 hours, random hour. format: Bok of kundum + 1 : 8 goblins in noriaBok of kundum + 2 : 4 titans in devias, 4 devil in losttowersBok of kundum + 3 : 4 tantalos in tarkan, 3 golems in aida, 3 crusts in icarusBok of kundum + 4 : 5 Satyros in kanturu1/2Bok of kundum + 5 : 2 Iron knight in raklion, 2 twin tale in kanturu3Bok of kundum + 5 are not droping anymore weapons like kb,gls,etc.[only AA weapons].Special : 2 golden great dragons in raklion and 1 in kanturu1/2 [they drop 5 boks random +4/+5]Special : 1 budge dragon in lorencia that drop Star [for rings/pendants exc]- Rabbits invasion :Every 3 hours, random hour. they have 50 chance to drop a jewel [bless,soul,creation,life] format:12-15 rabbits in elbeland12-15 rabbits in atlans12-15 rabbits in karutan112-15 rabbits in dungeon- White Wizard invansion :Every 6 hours, fixed hour, they drop 10bless or 10soul. format:- 1 WW in devias- 1 WW in noria- 1 WW in lorencia- Blood Castle . Every 4 hours. Drop :BC7 : Green box that drops random 10b,10s,demon,spirit of guardianBC6 : Green box that drops random 10b,10s,demon,spirit of guardianBC5 : 5 Jewel of LifeBC4 : 5 Jewel of LifeBC3 : 3 Jewel of ChaosBC2 : 3 Jewel of Chaos BC1 : 3 Jewel of Chaos- Devil Square :Every 4 hours, not seted yet.- Chaos Castle :Every 6 hours, random ancient for finishing CC4,CC5,CC6.- Illusion temple :Every 12 hours, not seted yet.- Imperial Event :Every 8 hours . Drop : 3 Stars - 1 from side boss 2 from main boss [from were you get pendant/ring exc].- DoubleGoer :Not seted yet- Maya event :Maya hands drops 5 items like splinter armor,claw of beast,bless of guardian for fenrir.Nightmare drops weapons that were on bok + 5 and the s4 items [striker scepter, brova, etc.]- Crywolf event : 3 days per week [Friday,Sunday,Wednesday]. Drop :Dark elves drops weapons that were on bok + 5 and the s4 items [striker scepter, brova, etc.]Balgass drops 1 piece of horn [for fenrir]+ 15 more exp or -15 exp if balgass is not completed.- Kundum : 5 random ancients [every 24h]- Selupan : 5 Socket items- Medusa : 5 Socket weapons- Erohim : Hyon sword / Gywen bow for wings lvl 3- Castle siege : We will speak more later.[/spoiler][COLORff0000]Spots infos[/COLOR][spoiler]- Except of noria,devias,elbeland and devias, anywhere you see a mob there is a spot for sure [we deleted extra mobs because we didnt wanted to have overpower spots by a mistake].- Number of spots in every map is 10-16 [differs from map to map]- Number of spots in arena : xx [not done yet]- Number of mobs in spots are 8-10 [some spots have more mobs, another have lower]- All spots are a mass spawn [not a pointed one] so you must have SM/Summ or any aoe guy in parties to hold spots.[/spoiler][[COLORff0000]Drop infos[/COLOR][spoiler]- Our PVM system encourage active players but also helps afk players with helper.- Jewel of bless and soul will have a low droprate starting from losttower1- Jewel of chaos will have a very low droprate and can be farmed only on low maps[until losttower1]- Jewel of Life/Creation will have a low droprate starting from tarkan1Heart/Silver/Gold system :- Heart can be farmed on maps from devias until losttower3- Silver medal can be farmed on maps from losttower3 until tarkan- Gold medal can be farmed on maps from tarkan until higher maps- Heart drop items between + 8 and + 13 [silk,plate,sphinx,etc.]- Silver medal drop items between + 8 and + 13 [dragon,legendary,spirit,etc.]- Gold medal drop items between + 7 and + 15 [black dragon,grand soul,etc.] + a lower chance for dark soul,dark phoenix,etc.- The most important spells will be farmed from lt1 and atlans until lt7 and atlans2/3 with a low drop :- Fireburst,twisting slash,evil spirits,lighting shock,darkside [/spoiler][COLORff0000]Hot infos[/COLOR][spoiler]- We will have many GM events [2-3 per day] and 1 special event daily.- We will have PVP events every 2 weeks [soccer,protect the queen,last man standing,etc.]- The score of guilds will be showing as total resets 400 + total levels- Hall of Fame wins [will be explained later]- Auto accept party requests while AFK [/re auto or /re auto + password to accept only from people that have the pass]- Command reset only ingame [not on website] : /reset- Auto add points while afk [ /addene[agi,str,etc.] auto xx ]Example : You have 100 points free and you want to go afk for 8 hours and you want to put the next 800 points in str, then :Write /addstr auto 800 and every time you will level up game will automatic add points into str until it reach 800 points.[/spoiler][COLORff0000]SITE : [/COLOR][COLORff0000]FORUM : [/COLOR][COLORff0000]Official info thread [that will be updated while gathering more infos] : [/COLOR][COLORff0000]OPEN BETA STARTS : 06 MayEXPECTED OFFICIAL START : 13 May[/COLOR]So, if you are a oldschool player, an experienced one or even a newbie that want to play some real MU you are welcomed in our community :]Lets bring MU Online to the next level Some picz from first database [220+ online with 2 acc/ip max] - RO only :PVP - Last man standing[IMG][/IMG]Black Jack boyz[IMG][/IMG]Started from the bottom[IMG][/IMG]x2[IMG][/IMG]First Balgass[IMG][/IMG]Highest Sum - Sergiu style[IMG][/IMG]Protect that switch [/B][IMG][/IMG]

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