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Do you like an unique, fun mafia game wich is also fun and friendly to blind and visually impaired people Lots of options to perform, standard crimes, building a drugs empire, personal goals, daily quests and much more

vandettacrime Information:
Vandettacrime is a simple, but yet entertaining text based mafia-style mmorpg where you wont get short on things very quick. Apart from the standard crimes, and car thefts, we also have the option where you can rob a moneytruck, perform group robberies or organized crimes.When you are more a casual kind of player when it comes down to making money, no worries either. Just visit the red light district every so often to employ prostitutes to work for ya, and watch the money roll in each hour. Or, build up a drugs empire and just watch the money roll in after midnight, for this, youll have to start the drugs production once per day, dont forget to purchase upgrades as well.Not to mention weekly events, such as the free-gift-Friday event and the manic monday event, where the players receive a server-wide donation, such as extra money to play with, credits, vip days etc, or mini events where players will encounter packages where you can click on while playing for extra goodies.We highly support accessibility for blind and visually impaired members as well, the lay-out for example is choosen for the maximal amount of comfortable contrast for our visually impaired members. Also the headers are organized in a logical way, so also blind players will find their way around easely.None the less, this game is managed by a crew of blind admins as well.visit the following link to read on what the largest community in blind accessible gaming writes about us:Also with 11 language translations, and 2 methods of english to your disposal, vandettacrime will probably suit most of your requirements and needs.

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