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Conquer Origins - NEW CLASSIC SERVER!

Conquer Origins - NEW CLASSIC SERVER
Join hundreds of players in the longest maintained classic server... Weve launched a new server that will take you back to the ORIGINS of Conquer Online - Join Today

Conquer Origins - NEW CLASSIC SERVER Information:
Shannara Conquer emulates a classic version of the MMORPG chinese fantasy game named Conquer Online. Its a classic private server that aims to reach a community of players considered to be veterans whove played the game for a while as well as everyone who loves any MMORPG game and Conquer Online in general. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shannara Conquer is currently the most populated private classic server for Conquer Online peaking at nearly 500 players online at the same time. Shannara Conquer was released in February, 2016 and it keeps increasing its activeness ever since. Several updates are made regularly to keep the players motivated and interested. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shannara Conquer is a completely free-to-play server and unlike Conquer Online and most private servers, its also a play-to-win server meaning that there are no overpowered donations that will allow someone to get maxed out through donations or even reach the tops in a matter of days. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dominance over other players is something that is very present in the server meaning that there are several Player vs Player tournaments/events that will grant you the chance of proving your strength. We count with dozens of events running in an hourly basis that give some action to a leveling server allowing players to have some quick breaks to fight each other. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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