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The Obsidian Tales!

The Obsidian Tales
[PvM UO Server] - [No Skillcap - 450 Statcap] - [EVO Pets, Mercenaries, Armors and Weapons] - [BIO Engineering, BIO Pets] - [Pet Levels and Breeding] - [3 accounts per IP, 2 houses per account] - [Join now and start with welcome pack]

The Obsidian Tales Information:
The Obsidian Tales UO PvM Server Greetings adventurer, Welcome on The Obsidian Tales This is a Ultima Online PvM Server Its friendly and collaborative Fun and challenging Here are our specifications: - No skillcap, Statcap 450 - 3 accounts per IP, 2 houses per account - EVO Pets, Mercenaries, Armors and Weapons - BIO Pets and Engineering -Advanced Taming System [levels and breeding] - New resources, Master of the Arts, Hue Room - Custom mobs, bosses, quests and dungeons - New Invasion system and Instanced dungeons - Events and Festivals Inspired by the old UO White Wolf back in 2014 IP Address : play.uotot PORT : 2593 Dont hesitate to join our Discord Channels Thank you forjoining us -The Obsidian Tales Team-

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