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Renaissance Rohan!

Renaissance Rohan
balanced pvp for all classes,Minor TSB every 12h for prizes, leveling rewards, no OP items, Max level 130, trinty, hero III, recycle,exp x40, drop x10, crones x30, Dedicated server, 1Gbps bandwidth, 60FPS client,full-proof anti-cheat, no hacked items, [EU realm]

Renaissance Rohan Information:
Welcome to Renaissance Rohan server:
Experience: 40x
Forging: 60x
Recycle: 100x
Player Max Level - 130
-Trinity class available.
-Hero level III skills available.
-TSB every 12h for reward Boxes
-Leveling rewards
-New skills for all classes so that they are all viable in PVP
New recepies for the recycle system.
New armor tier [Onyx] that can be forged from parts. [as well as more low tier armor sets]
New redesigned Elemental Temple with unlimited entrances per day.
60FPS unlocked client
100 secure antihack sistem.
Powerfull dedicated server: 8 cores, 16GB ram, 1Gbit/sec bandwidth
DDoS protection

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