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ValiantHero PVP Server!

ValiantHero PVP Server

ValiantHero PVP Server Information:
What is ValiantHeroValiantHero is a faction based Server where you are suppose to create or join a faction to survive.Ranging Wars or remain Peaceful.Features:Able to Create FactionAbility to make portals with CreativePortalsHas MobArena with good Waves to experience.Can switch to Peaceful within cooldown of 1hour.Ranging War or Making Alliance with cooldown of 1hour and payment of 1.5k.lava flow is disable.Enderman Grief disable.Things to know before playing.When making faction into peaceful make sure do /f boom command so that other faction can039t do blow your place with tnt.Ghast , Squid are disabled on this server due to known of making lagg ghast tear and Ink Sac are sold at Wizard Tower also gunpowder since Creepers don039t drop them to avoid mass tnt usage.The World is set to Hard.Rules:1. Respect your fellow players and the staff.2. No scamming, spamming and advertising on chat.3. No use of custom mods, texture packs and client that can give you advantage on game.4. Players must not ask to be given the status of staff position or begging for an item from staff members.5. Players are to refrain from immature acts and speech.6. Owners words is absolute even its not listed on the rules you must follow it.7. Abuse of any exploit is not allowed.8. You are not allow to claim an area for your faction near Outskirts and Netherspawn.9. Griefing and Stealing is allowed.10.English only on GlobalChat.11. If certain Faction has defeated and been reclaimed by another faction the factionthat has reclaimed the area all properties in there are own by the reclaimers.Plugins:essentialsmobarenafactionscreativegatesnocheatlocketteiconomyfalsebookand more..

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