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The Final Craft!

The Final Craft
1.2.3 Enabled, 999slots, 100 uptime, Lag Free, PvP, Factions, Market NPC and Player 24/7 dedicated server perfect for all areas of the world amazing connection Hourly backups Server events Check us at dont forget mcmmo and gambling

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Up-time/Stability Customer Service Community/PVP Democratic selection of mods/admins The Final Craft is here A Minecraft PVP server boasting a completely lag-free experience that is up 24/7. Tired of losing hours of work to server roll backs Or experiencing heavy lag and choppy play during peak play hours Then youve come to the right place The Final Craft is hosted on an optimized Linux server capable of bringing you hours and hours of fun and adventure But what good is a stable server without a great community and top-notch admins Between the owner being online to assist you with problems and questions and the in-game help manual, you can be sure that any issue you run into will be quickly solved. Mods will be chosen and voted on from the player-base to ensure that everyone has a say in the selection process. All out war between rivaling factions, owner-hosted server events, gambling, getting rich on the market with your own vendor stall, improving your characters skills with MCMMO are all just a hint of the fun to be had here. Come on out and see if you have what it takes to survive and thrive on The Final Craft Server specs i7 Extreme quad core 3.4 16gig DDR3 dedicated ram 10mbs upload Set at 150 slots but im sure it can hold more it039s a linux server fully optimized and if it becomes laggy or crashes ill pull money right out of my pocket to upgrade it My guarantee to you Server offers a full economy with market npc and player based, stalls, gambling, and host provided events This server also has 3 times the normal generated ore so mining is alot more exciting and worth while with a large scale of player base and I can form new ore replacement as it depletes With a random generator ) Want to be a hero Want to be the richest person in all of the land Well you can be with Mcmmo you can become an amazing farmer or the best and most feared warrior with increase in all of your skills Do you and your friends or mates have what it takes to command and conquer all the land Well with factions you can make a clan/guild and control land masses and conquer others While the big clans think they will control the world all you smaller clans can ally each other and become a unit to be reckoned with So much fun and so exciting Do you think you have what it takes Well lets see it Join us at

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