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MyRO - Philippine Ragnarok Online!

MyRO - Philippine Ragnarok Online
Philippine Server 700+ Players and counting No Autopots/No Tools/No no-delays/No Bots 175/60 official levels with RE-BALANCED Renewal so every Job is balanced towards the other EXP: 5K/5K Modified Drop Rates Lag-Free, Balanced and Stable Anti-DDoS Protections SUBOK NA MATATAG

MyRO - Philippine Ragnarok Online Information:
MyRO - My Ragnarok Online is the Philippines Best Ragnarok Online Private Server. We are Free to play with 1,200 Players Online Daily, Lag-Free, Stable and Secured. We have 150/50 levels with RE-BALANCED 3RD JOBS and 99/70 Trans jobs which is the official Levels on Offical Servers. We are HIGH RATE with rates of 5000x Base / 5000x Job / Modified Drop Rates. Freebie Items are given on first time logins of new accounts which comprises of 6 Boss Cards, 1 Special Shield and 500k Zeny. We have an Items Mall NPCs, Job Changer NPCs, Warper NPCs for stress-free gaming, Quests NPCs for added excitement, Field of Gold Harvest Map as well as a GUIDE NPC for new players to know where NPCs are located in Main Town. We have No Over Customed Items. We also have Duel Commands which enables you to duel out of PvP. WE ARE SET UP AS HOW RAGNAROK WAS DESIGNED TO BE PLAYED WITH OFFICIAL GAMEPLAY MECHANICS AND EVEN BETTER. We recently implemented the New NPC-ITEMS-ONLY PVP ROOM which only accepts NPC Items and Donation Items are restricted but we also have No Limit PvP Rooms for everyones enjoyment. WOE SE II is everyday at 7:00pm-8:00pm GMT+8. Weekend Old School Transcendant [99/70] WOE at 3:00pm-4:00pm GMT+8. Scheduled Old School Transcendant [99/70] War Events on weekends and PvP Maps dedicated for Transcendant Jobs [Back to Old School]. Several GM Held Events with Uber Cool Prizes are held daily as well as daily War Events 7v7. We have Guild of the Month 76vs76 Major Event [GOM], a Monthly Championships for MyRO Fight Club PVP Masters 1on1 [No1PK], Monthly Championships for 7vs7 MyRO War Masters [MWM] not to mention Save Point Wars. Plenty of Automated NPC Events can be expected all day with Generous Prizes not to mention our Seasonal MyRO Player on Focus [MyRO Big Brother]. We have no BoTs, No 3rd Party Programs, No WPE not to mention we brag about our High-End DDoS Protections. We deal with Hck and Scam cases very fast. We have regular Weekly Maintenance and Backups only for 5 mins. Gravity spent millions of dollars developing The Ragnarok Online MMORPG on designing characters, setting levels, deciding items skills, balancing gameplay with complete storylines etc. Why play with custom levels and skills/jobs. Why play with old school mechanics that doesnt grow nor evolve and is stuck in the past. If you want to experience the gameplay of how the multi-million dollar Ragnarok was carefully designed and meant to be played, then MyRO is the place to be. Come Join the Fun at MyRO. Mabuhay MyRO.

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