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Andonisus 10 man raids!

Andonisus 10 man raids
AndonisusHigh exp rateDrop rate 1xHonor rate 2xTeleporter npc Auction house botVanilla rank system Dungeons All dungeons 1 to 3Raidfinder 5 to 10ZulgurubRuins of ahnqrajiGuild raids 10Onyxias lairMolten core Blackwing lairTemple of ahnqiraji

Andonisus 10 man raids Information:
New Adrenaline is a full scripted vanilla server 2 1000/1000mbs dedicatedA new fresh server started 2014-02-15Instant 601000mbs server no lagDrop rate 1Honor rate 10Reputation rate 10Free start set Zg 1 players with 2 npc bots helping you tank trow The howl instance 100 workingMc 5 players 100 workingBwl 5 players 100 workingOnyxia 10 players 100 workingAq20 3 players 100 workingAq40 10 players 100 workingNaxxramas 15 players 100 workingAll battleground 100 worksAll Character spells 100 worksfaction changeRace changeVote system reward.Gm active all days.Our own pvp systemSERVER 1 1000 1000mbs Europeworld of legions dota pvp400 custem itemsfree start-set itemspeciall rank rewardswaves from all battlegroundsfarm spot for materialshonor rate 4start level 1max level 15SERVER 2 1000 1000mbs EuropeNew adrenaline raid pvpDont you think that 40 man raids sucks well now you dont need to wait for hours to get into a raidNew adrenaline presents a new fun wayblue free start setzulgurub 1 player very easyaq20 3 players raid easymoltencore 5 playears raid normalblackwing lair 5 players raid hardonyxia 10 players raid hardaq40 10 players raid hardnaxxramas 15 players very hardour own pvp system

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