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DK Slayers - Bringing Justice To Dekaron!

DK Slayers - Bringing Justice To Dekaron
DKSlayers Would Like To Present 2000x Server,A7 Skills, Working Quests,180+ Armors,Lvl 245 Weapons,Siege (Every Sunday),Dead Front, Lvl 200 Wings,And Events. Max Lvl 250, 5 Auto REBORNS.TRADE DIL FOR COINS

DK Slayers - Bringing Justice To Dekaron Information:
New Server Opened (5-1-10)DKSlayer would like to present 2000x Server, A7 skills, Working Quests, 180+ Armors, 200/230/245 Weapons, Siege (Every Sunday), Dead Front, Lvl 200 Wings, and Events. Max Lvl 250, 5 Auto Reborns. Vote for coins. First 100 Players will recieve 4000 coins. ---gtTRADE DIL FOR COINSlt---Server Rates:- Max Level : 250- 5 Reborns 250 Extra Stats Per Reborn- 2000x EXPServer Features:- Siege Battle- Dead Front (8 Times a Day)- Dead Front (Baron - )- Fully English Translated Server- Skills Level 130+- Fortify System +1 - +12 Breaks On +9 - +12Armors amp Weapons:- Level 130 Sets Armor [Normal Set]- Level 180 Sets Armor- Level 200 Sets Armor [L3 Sets Custom]- Level 200 Weapons- Level 230 Weapons- Level 245 Weapons- Level 102 Wings- Level 200 Wings A7Extra Maps:- The Qualines- Karon Transport Ships C/B/A/S- Nest Of Cherumbim- Cherubim039s Base

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