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Search amp Win a PS3!

Search amp Win a PS3
Search to Win a Wii, It039s FREE, It039s like google039ing but you earn points which can be redeemed to get prizes From PS3039s to , PSP039s, XBOX360039s amp Wii039sand many more. You can also do offers FREE too Get your friends

Search amp Win a PS3 Information:
InformationFirstly to be able to get the free stuff, you need to sign up and SEARCH, it is like google039ing except you earn money points for it. They are called swagbucks or SB which can be redeemed to earn prizes, you can also do offers which earn points. All offers are free but if you would like to increase your points hastily, there are also offers which require credit card information to purchase an item. Another one is using SMS, using your cellphone number then they will send you a pin to verify that your number is valid. Though you would only be charged a fee, if you would like to unsubscribe read the terms and conditions. It is highly recommended that you do the free offers because it039s free With these points you can claim your prizes from Xbox360039s, PS2039s, PS3039s, Wii039s, DS039s, PSP039s, PC039s, Online Cash Cards. iPod039s, Cellphones039 and jewelry. Not just the consoles but the games, points/game cards, controllers and etc. VERY IMPORTANT things to look out for:Amazon/Ebay gift cards, you should get these because these are the cheapest alternative for buying an item so I advise you to claim gift cards. For example 45 SB is worth a 5 amazon gift card, a PSP 3000 is worth 3165 SB with a price of 169.99 on amazon. 45 SB/ 5 9 SB is worth 1 3165 SB/ 9 SB 351.67 351.67 - 169.99 so this saves you 181.68 and time so you get your full potential value for money Wait that039s not all, you can trade in old video games/ consoles and get swagbucks which can be used to up with your existing points Winning TipsTip 1Need to search the web Do it with Swagbucks. is the only place on the web where you can win exclusive prizes simply by doing the things you do anyway, everydayWhen searching the web, the best way to win Swag Bucks (and the only method we endorse) is to use the engine for genuine search and discovery. Our technology is designed to award users who search naturally

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