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Nienna Taranis!

Nienna Taranis
Server middle rates (EXP 1500, SP 1500, DROP 500, GOLD 500), you begin lvl20, nirvana,... Gold equipments are available for free ALL GMs are active and friendly. Alot of update is coming Join the mouvement

Nienna Taranis Information:
On [colorFF0000]Nienna Taranis Lands[/color], you will have unreleased equipment : Gold Stuff. It039s a free equipment with VIP stats You can039t believe it Come and see with players online Or you can see it in ADC West, our demo characters will be happy to see you around them... All that by this way In the same time, you will begin at the center of ADC lvl 20, culti Nirvana, 150K SP, 30K Gold, unlimited cubis and more others advantages Unbelievable Come and try All the instances are opened Crescent Valley, Godless Valley, Frost Walk and more others, come try it on our lands How it039s possible We have a good staff who is working hard to give you the best of Perfect World :.The Ancient Dragon mount, Snake,... are available to buy by Allopass in the quotNienna Boutiquequot : The website is going to change, so be nice with the newb apparence lol.

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