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World Boss Events + WoE Rewards + Legendary Gear/Quests + Daily Quests Challenges + Login Rewards + Balanced 3rd Classes + 5k/5k/Dynamic + Level 250/120 + Stats 200 + WoE Castle Rotation + Service NPCs + No Wipe

GatheringRO Information:
Checkout our website for more details on our exclusive content and modifications.Some of our highlights:- World Boss Events - exclusiveThese epic boss fights attract a lot of players. We have created a custom item drop system for these events. That means once the boss has been defeated, a Treasure Chest spawns at its location.And every participating player then gets his own personal loot when you click on the Treasure Chest.- War of Emperium Personal Rewards - exclusiveIf you love WoE as much as we do then youre at the right spotWe are offering you a custom WoE Core map with direct access to all castles.On top of the official treasure chest system, weve built an entire new rewarding system.Your actions during the war are being tracked so that after each WoE you will be rewarded with a WoE currency and/or rare loot.With this currency you get access to tons of great gear, costumes, mounts, consumables and much moreWe offer you a vast amount of not just exclusive, but amazing content for your to explore.Theres tons of end-game content to give you a long lasting great experience here at our server.Give us a try, you will love it

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