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COV--Champion Of Virtues!

COV--Champion Of Virtues
A RUN UO shard that offers something for every type ofplayer, we have tons of custom quests, pets, and ahuge custom crafting/crop/cooking system. To play Champions you need latest osi client and Razor.We are 100 OSI accurate, upto SA/HS

COV--Champion Of Virtues Information:
Champion Of Virtues has been around 3 yrs running and offers a fully staffed, top notch free shard experience. It is maintained and well balanced, with too manycustoms to actually list. It is 100 OSI accurate up to SA/HS, and offers every styleof gameplay, from Old school type players to the latest expnasion player. We offera full professional website and forums, for communication and registering to play onthe shard, and also offer an in-game chat system, or a 039Live039 Teamspeak server forthe players to get to know each other. We have tons of custom systems and quests tokeep even the UO addict going So come join us at - -or in game, using the latest client We also have a private Ventrilo server for players to use ingame. Hope to see you on COV

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