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Star Sonata!

Star Sonata
Star Sonata is a Massively Multiplayer Space Game with arcade-like controls and also a space trading game with a very strong economic empire building element.

Star Sonata Information:
Star Sonata is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game set in space. You pilot your ship with arcade controls which is a lot more fun than just clicking on where you want to go.Star Sonata is partly an action game and partly a space trading game (). At first, you can make money by trading between different bases. Later on, you will be able to build your own bases () which can extract raw materials from planets and moons and either convert those into useful items or sell them on. You can even found colonies and nurture them into large consumers or suppliers of commodities to drive your financial empire.You can created quotslavedquot ships that can either run trade routes automatically all the time, even when you039re offline, or will follow you into combat and fight according to your orders.If your team is strong enough, you could eventually be crowned emperor () of the universe, getting special advantages and forcing all other players to pay you a tithe.

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