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Legacy Online!

Legacy Online
Legacy is an browser based RPG where you control a character in a futuristic world. Fight with other players, train abilities, join gangs, form clans and eventually rise to power as an godlike avatar.

Legacy Online Information:
The year is 2510 AD, and the game is set inside a huge Hive city. The Third World War wiped out most of civilization, leaving the rest in ruins. Global warming has turned most of the planet into an uninhabitable desert. Humanity, however, lives on. Dotted around the globe are massive hive cities. These cities vary in size, and the one you currently live in is not only the biggest, but it was the first Most of the city is now lawless, with people unable to survive in the arid wastelands surrounding it, effectively imprisoning them in the hive. Legacy is a browser based game that can be played from almost any computer in the world, all you need is a browser and an internet connection. Join our community, fight with players, form clans, join gangs and go to war with others, train abilities and eventually rise to power as an avatar

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