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Endor - running stable on POL since 2002!

Endor - running stable on POL since 2002
One of the best custom map in the world, unique custom graphics, exp/level ruleset, 14 classes, 200+ new spells. Balanced pvm and pvp, 140+ players in the peak. High-end HW and connection.

Endor - running stable on POL since 2002 Information:
Endor is a free Ultima Online shard with a long history, built upon the modern emulator POL, which brings to the UO scene possibilities which have been only a dream. After years of experience of playing all kinds of online and offline games we have developed an unique experience leveling system with different classes and races with hundreds of new spells, powerful rituals and a lot of new skills, which is also advanced in a way that you can start playing from the very beginning without the need to macro your skills up unlike the classic typical UO shards. We have built for you a world, which area is about twice as big as the original UO maps. Endor is in many ways different than the existing UO shards. We tried to make Endor, in as many ways possible, similar to the classic dungeons, so for example when you meet some, on first glance empty ruins, they could hold various quests. You may need to find a secret switch, or turn around a statue etc. There are literally hundreds of NPC which will provide you with numerous unique scripted quests. Dungeons are not only about camping spawns or rushing to the end, but during your play you will have to complete many tasks, search for secret mechanisms, secret passages and of course interesting sub-quests. We have also given full consideration for the PvP community as well. The PvP system is the result of many PvP players with years of experience from various online games, mainly classic T2A Ultima Online, according to which the PvP system is based (think casting while running). The possibilities are endless, you can battle for ruling of different cities using the town wars custom built system, become a notorious PK, take part of the PvP league, or try your luck in the Capture The Flag arena and last but not the least play the strategic chess-like GM organized game of Archon. Endor is conceptualized as a game in which growth is gradual with specific focus on the exploration of the world and its countless possibilities so do not expect to have everything right from the beginning. It is safe to say that there is no player who has discovered everything in the vast world of Endor through its 6 year old history.Why choose Endor over other UO shards Unique, balanced through the years experience-level system, in which you don039t have to macro as your character improves through playing. Completely new map continually being developed and on which over 100 people have taken part in its development for the last 5 years. It is safe to say that the quality and quantity of the map is truly unrivaled which you can easily see through our screenshot gallery or video trailer. We have also lots of new graphics, creatures and spell efects you have never seen before on ony other shard. Endor has a true professional, stable internet connection - 2x SMT16 (2x 2666 Mbps) AORTA, 2x2 Gbps NIX and HW equipment which is the best in the Czech Republic and among the best in the world. Sufficing to say it is fully sponsored, including 24/7 technical support, by the biggest Czech internet and cable TV provider providing you with rock solid experience. Endor also has the best technical background in the Czech republic, because it runs on the newest version of the emulator POL which thanks to the numerous professional programmers we039ve had over the years, runs with what is without a doubt the most complex script collection for a POL shard which in effect gives us the total freedom of realizing any creative thought and moving us always a step ahead from the competition. Because of this flawless background and support, optimized scripts and the emulator POL running at its limits, it is possible to play with no LAG whatsoever in any hour of the day with no regard to the number of online players or their current activity. Professional and responsible GM team of the highest quality with zero tolerance for misbehavior, whose core members have more than fifteen years of experience with different online, offline and classic RPG games, which have given this genre a name and according to which we maintain the true classic RPG spirit without much regard to modern trends which tend to oversimplify. Endor is the only Czech UO shard, which has an international community, which thanks to the satisfaction of the players is in continuous growth. Don039t take our word for it but hear what some of them have to say:quotI like the ruleset here a lot, its by far the best ruleset I039ve played on any shard.quot PvP designed and continually fine tuned by the best Czech PvP players with years of experience who understand the fine art of balancing a PvP system in the middle of a versatile UO world designed for all types of players. More then 100 new spells. Complex and versatile system of magic items. You can put together an artifact made of the finest magical pieces, find the components of a powerful set of items, own one of the rare unique items that are only one in existence in the world, or try and find the combinations of the runes and create a powerful item of your own... Endor is in continual development and continually open for new very experienced creative members of the GM team, especially ones that will bring the world even closer to the international community. We take into full consideration thoughtful ideas of the players, we continually improve and build upon the map with new dungeons as the main focus with more and more custom scripted quests added each day...

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