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Omegawow -The online sensation- 3.3.5!

Omegawow -The online sensation- 3.3.5
3.3.5 EU server, blizzlike gameplay, No Donation for gear or weapons, No Pay2Win, friendly community and staff, Transmog, Progressive server, currently Ulduar.

Omegawow -The online sensation- 3.3.5 Information:
Welcome to Omegawow.After 2 years of absence a few old members of the crew went together again and decided that we all miss the nostalgia of the old Omegawow.So we decided to make Omegawow again, but with a twist.We want to have fun, we are not here to be the biggest server with all the drama that comes with it.We are here to enjoy WoW as we did in the past.No transfers, no donation for gear, you must earn it Plain old WoW 3.3.5 the way it should be.

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